Spiritual Magic Journey



Greetings and Blessings

Welcome Weary Travelers! I am so happy you found me! I'm an Intuitive Channel who can guide you through life's journey answering your questions connecting through Spirit. A Natural Healer, Psychic and Medium, I can connect with your pet or past love one. My mission on earth is to help you navigate and get guidance from your spiritual team, which we all have.  I was born Native American Indian, a member of the Lumbee Tribe of NC. I have always been drawn to what the Mysteries & Magic our World and the after World has to offer. As a Spiritual Alchemist, Psychic Channel and Tarot Reader, I love working with Alchemy of Magic and Creating My Own Magic. Let me help You Ignite the Fire 🔥 Within You! I look forward to working with You! Many Blessings, Sherry 🥰

Higher Self Channeling

A Higher Self Channeling is a great way to receive authentic guidance for your life. You may have blocks in your life with money or love. Do you want to ask your higher self why its there and how to relieve the block? What about just general questions for your highest purpose? Ultimate guidance is what you will receive. Do you ever wonder why certain thing happen? What is most relevant in you life? With a higher self reading, you will get information that will help and guide you in your journey through life.

Spirit Guide Reading

A Spirit Guide Reading allows you to meet your guides by learning who they are and receiving messages and guidance from them. Have you  ever wondered the name of your spirit guide? Everyone have a team of guides that help them on their journey through life. We all have a dominant guide that has ben with us since birth on mother earth to help and guide us. What questions do you have for yours?

angel readings

Ascended Masters and Archangel Reading

Do you want to draw closer to a particular Archangel or Ascended Master and have them help you in your life? Is there an Ascended Master or Archangel trying to connect with you now? Maybe you already feel close to one. These Angelic beings can help you and guide you in specific areas of your life. For example if you want protection, Archangel Michael would be a great being to work with. He is powerful and is there to help you. Maybe you want to know if Archangel Michael or any other angel or master is trying to connect with you. Maybe you already feel a loving energy from an Angel or Ascended Master and want to know which one it is. These questions I can answer for you. Maybe there is something specific you need help with and would like information form an Ascended Master or Archangel on what you can do to relieve or assist help in your particular situation.